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I have recently produced the correct handlebar grips for the late model YDS3 and YM1. They also fit the YCS1, YAS1, YDS5, YR1 and several other models. $55/£30 per pair

Also available are new rear footrest rubbers for the YDS3 and YM1 models $32/£19 per pair

Rear fender wiring grommets (152-84518-00) for the YDS2 to YDS6 plus the YR range as well. These go into the rear fender / mudguard to protect the tail light / stoplight wiring from chafing. 3.50/$6.50 per pair

Some products added on the YDS3 engine page. Also on the AS1 - 3 page

The oil pump rebuild kit will also now come with the 4 fibre washers and also the 4 nylon washers for the cylinder barrel. They should be in stock very soon.

Oil pump overhaul kit. Contains all seals and gaskets required to overhaul the pump. 9/$14 per set

ront wheel bearing and seal overhaul kit. Contains both front wheel bearings and dust seal. 8.50/$14.50 per set

Rear wheel bearing and sprocket carrier overhaul kit. Contains all bearings, seals and an O ring to replace all components in the rear wheel assembly. 15/$26 per set

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