YDS3/YM1 Engine parts

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O ring for the oil filler plug on the back of the crank case (93210-13016) 50 pence or$1 cents each

Sump plug fibre washers (159-15353-00 and 148-15382-00) You get 2 sump plug washers, one for the sump pan and one for the drain on the clutch cover. Also, a gasket for the level plug on the front of the clutch casing. 3/$6 per set of 3

Oil pump fibre washers (156-13167-0) 3/6 per set of 4

Cylinder oil line nylon sealing washers (156-13168-00) 4/$8 per set of 4.

Oil pump overhaul kit. Contains all seals and gaskets required to overhaul the pump. 12/$24

Oil pump gasket and oil seal (126-13116-00 and 93101-10002) 4/$8 per pair

Carburettor bands (156-14455-00) 8.50/$17 per set of 4

Carburettor top rubber caps (156-14169-00) 10/$20 per pair

Small end bearings available 7.50/$15 each

Big end bearings available 30/$60 per complete set

Piston pins available at 7.50/$15 each

Pistons clips 2/$4 per pair

Full engine seal kit including both crank seals  25/$50 per set

All engine and gearbox bearings can be supplied, enquire for prices!

6305NR gearbox bearing 6/$12 each

YDS3/YM1 kick start bolts (150-15623-00) 8/$16 per bolt

Carburettor to airbox rubber  32/$50 per pair

Front sprocket nut and tab washer (152-17163-00 and 156-17464-01)  3.50/$7 per pair

Exhaust gaskets (152-14613-00) 2.50/$5 per pair

Kick start and gear change oil seals 5/$10 per pair

To order any of these products, drop me an e-mail stating what is required, I accept Paypal.

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