Oil pump overhaul kit. Contains all seals and gaskets required to overhaul the pump. 12/$24

Petrol cap for all models (122-24610-01) 7/$14

Main stand pin for all models. (122-27112-00) 6.50/$13

Oil pump gasket and oil seal (126-13116-00 and 93101-10002) 3/$6 per pair

Rear sprocket tab washers (132-25412-00) 4.50/$9 per pair

I can now offer full engine oil seal kits for the YL1s. A full seal set is 16/$32. All seals available separately. I can also supply all crank and gearbox bearings too.

 Fuel tap O ring (132-24522-00) 1/$2 each

Steering head bearing kit (156-23411 and 23412-00, 183-23411 and 23412-00 ) 25/$50

Side panel Autolube Sticker 4/$8 each

Correct 10mm x 1.25 mm chromed dome nuts for mounting rear shocks. 8/$16 per 4

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