Tech tips

I have created a stripdown manual for the YDS range of engines. This engine featured is a YDS3 but this can manual can be applied to all of the 250 and 305 engines as they are basically the same. I will be doing a rebuild manual in the next while when I rebuild my next engine.

The manual is available in Microsoft Powerpoint format here (1.88Mb) or in MHTML format which is viewable in any internet type browser here (3.01Mb). To save the document, right click on the highlighted here and select "Save target as", select a suitable location to save to and then press the save button.

The oil pump rebuild manual is available to down load now. Click here to download it in Microsoft Powerpoint format and here to download it in MHTML format viewable in any web browser. Oil pump overhaul kits are  available for all models.

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