Kawasaki H1

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 Rear shock absorber mounting rubber bushes will be reproduced next.

I now have correct early style screws for Kawasaki models. Most sizes from M4 to M6  are available. I also stock spring and plain M4, M5, M6 and M8 washers. Details of the screws are here.

Speedo / tacho mount rubbers 12.50/$25 for 4

Rear fender grommets (92075-019) 12.50/$25 for 4

Fork seal fit H1B/D/E/F/KH500A8 (92049-1216) 10 per pair

Front caliper pin O rings (43053-006) fits KH500A8 3 per 4

Gear and kickstart shaft seals (92026-026 and 92049-004) 1.75/$3.50 each

O ring for oil dipstick (670B2020) 1/$2 each

Swingarm spindle O rings (Early 1969 H1 670B2021 x 1, all other models 671B2530 x 2) 1/$2 per O ring.

Fork seal holder O ring for H1 / H1A and H1C (44016-016) 2/$4 per pair

Front master cylinder ribbed boot for disk brake models (43069-001) 10/$20 each (out of stock)

Front fork dust boots for H1, H1A and H1C models (44010-017) 25/$50 per pair (out of stock)

Handlebar damper rubbers (92075-039) 6.50/$13 per set of 4

H1 carb top rubber (16036-004) 15/$30 per 3

Front and rear tank mount rubbers (92075-030 and 92075-013) 8/$16 per set of 3.

Rear footrest rubbers (92076-009) 17/$34 per pair.

Exhaust rubber 18043-010 15/$30 per set of 3

Main and gearbox bearing. Quality Japanese Nachi OEM supplier bearing. (92045-002 6305 NC3) 11/$22 each

Correct 10mm x 1.25 mm chromed dome nuts for mounting rear shocks. (92020-003) 8/$16 per 4

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